Thanks for coming to my brutalist website. I am currently a full stack developer @ UPS. In my spare time, I love photography with my Pentax K-50, art, sports, political science and the blockchain! I am also a voracious learner with strong leadership and communication skills.

I can be reached by email Here

I am strong at the following technologies and languages:

  • SQL 🐲
  • Javascript 💪
  • CSS 🌊
  • Adobe ColdFusion 😁
  • PHP 👍
  • Node.js 🙌
  • d3.js 📊
  • Popular frameworks such as React, Vue.js, and boostrap 🏋️‍
  • Windows and Linux environments (Debian and red hat) 💾
  • Adobe Photoshop 🍴
  • Leadership 🤝

I also dabble in other languages, such as Python, Rust, Solidity, and Vyper

I am also an adept leader, having steeled myself in the armed forces and at the United Parcel Service in belt operations, where before becoming a programmer I performed various leadership roles and learned how to trim and massage my leadership abilities to the civilian world. I understand the value in treating my employees right, and giving them the opportunities to succeed. I believe in listening to experts and knowing that I am almost always not the expert or smartest person in a room. I believe strongly in fair wages for everyone and good work life balance paired with honest and fair employee interaction.

Learning is also a passion of mine, I am always reading books and taking classes in various forms.